Sunday, Dec. 20 Online Blue Christmas Service

Mike RiessEvents

Sunday, Dec. 20, 7 p.m. EST/6 p.m. Central
The holiday season is hard for some of us, particularly this year with the challenges that COVID presents. You are not alone. If you are dealing with a broken relationship, if you are mourning or remembering the loss of a loved one, if you are struggling with depression or sadness, the Northern Provincial Advent & Christmas Planning Team would like to invite you to join us for a different kind of worship service...of comfort...of lament...of hope. We will be offering a Blue Christmas Worship Service via Zoom video conference. 
This service will be designed to allow worshippers an opportunity to bring their laments to Christ. In addition to the large group worship opportunity, worshippers will be invited to join a small group as part of the service during which you will have the option to share your personal laments and partake in a liturgical practice of tearing cloth/paper that will commemorate your sharing. (This is an optional sharing, and you are welcome to not share if you'd prefer.) 
Worship Leaders include the Revs. Jason Andersen, Beth Rohn-Habhegger, Mandy Mastros, Amy Gohdes-Luhman, and Janel Rice.
To help these worship leaders in their planning, all participants are asked to sign up in advance here: