Advent Paper Chain

Mike RiessAdvent Wreath

Cut two-inch wide strips of purple paper – one for each day of the chain.  On the back of each strip, write one of these messages: 1.  This is the way Jesus Christ was born. … Read More

Advent Paper Candle Wreath

Mike RiessAdvent Wreath, News

(Companion to Readings for Candle Lighting # 5) Materials needed: (All patterns are in this downloadable PDF) Advent Wreath circle (may copy onto cardstock or glue onto sturdy paper plate as candles will be glued … Read More

Advent “Calendar” Wreath

Mike RiessAdvent Wreath

Materials needed: green poster board red bow approximately 18 green poster board holly shaped leaves glue stick 25 rectangles cut from colored wrapping paper copy of the “Advent Wreath Messages (download),” cut up thin red … Read More

Mini Advent Wreath

Mike RiessAdvent Wreath

Materials needed white birthday candles (or color of your choice) canning jar rings tiny paper doily coasters foil tart pan glue green play-doh purple or blue ribbon scissors toothpicks 1. Cover the entire metal canning … Read More

Advent Banner

Mike RiessAdvent Wreath

Materials needed: One 9” x 12” piece of white felt felt for candles (use whatever color your church uses – 3 purple, 1 pink, all purple, or all tan (beeswax) yellow felt green felt red … Read More

Clothespin Wreath

Mike RiessAdvent Wreath, News

Materials needed: spring-type clothespins construction paper that is the same color as your church’s Advent candles yellow construction paper glue artificial wreath (or roping about 24 inches per wreath cut and formed into a circle … Read More

Tableau Christmas Pageant

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Tableau Christmas Pageantby Evie Blum and New Philadelphia Moravian, Winston-Salem, NC Note: You are free to adapt this as needed for your congregation and to use the template link below to insert your slides.  Template … Read More

Advent Hymns

Mike RiessMusic, News

This collection includes public domain hymns from the 1995 Moravian Book of Worship.  These hymn texts and their recordings may be used by Moravian congregations and agencies for in-person and online services, events and activities.  … Read More

Moravian Book of Worship Liturgies

Mike RiessLiturgies, News

The 1995 Moravian Book of Worship features three liturgies for the Advent and Christmas season.  Here, we offer the full text of the Advent 1, Advent 2 and Christmas liturgies, along with recordings of the … Read More