Developed by Christian Educators Marie Couts and Beth Hayes, this collection of family activities for Advent & Christmas offers ideas for every day.  Thanks to our Interprovincial Family Activities team of Darrell Johnson, Nasel Ephraim, Rebecca Craver, Evie Blum and Jami VanDock for their work!

  • Sundays, Advent Lighting readings and family devotions 
  • Mondays, story from different areas 
  • Tuesdays, customs and traditions with coloring pages
  • Wednesdays, songs and finger activities 
  • Thursdays, story time with discussion opportunities 
  • Fridays, recorded Christmas story - read from various children's Story Bibles 
  • Saturdays, Crafts  (two or more each Saturday from which to choose

Also see ideas for Advent Wreaths and Advent/Christmas Pageants.



A Family Calendar for Advent