Journey Through Advent Services

Mike RiessRecorded Services

Once again The Board of Cooperative Ministries, Moravian Church Without Walls, and the Interprovincial Board of Communication (along with members of the Interprovincial Moravian Christmas Task Force) have partnered to host a series of virtual Advent Reading Services beginning on Monday, November 30. We’ll be reading through exciting new materials curated from our Advent/Christmas/Epiphany lectionary and combined to be very similar to  Readings for Holy Week. 

These readings services, crafted by the Rev. Brian Dixon, of Emmaus Moravian Church, the Rev. Rebecca Craver of Edmonton Moravian Church and David Blum of the Moravian Music Foundation, combine Bible verses for Advent with Moravian hymns to offer a new way to experience Advent.

Services will be recorded and posted here.  For more information on future services, click here.