Outdoor Nativity

Mike RiessOutdoor Opportunities

Directions: This can either be done as one day, or over the course of the Advent season (1 set of readings a week for 3 weeks).  You can either use the same people each week or change characters depending on your schedule needs. Some passages are transitional passages and there are no freeze frames associated with them.  Those with freeze frames: the characters should take their place before the reading begins.  The characters should be encouraged to hold a position that is comfortable so that they do not move while the reading is taking place. 

Costuming: Either you can dress people in traditional pageant costumes or have the characters dress in modern clothing that symbolizes the character they are portraying.  One thing is crucial, remain consistent through all the readings. 

Props: Candles (battery operated would be best), baby doll, magi gifts, staff, traveling bags


  • 1 person with candle
  • Zechariah
  • Angel
  • Mary
  • Elizabeth
  • Joseph
  • Shepherd (3-5 should be the same amount as the Magi)
  • King Herod
  • Magi (3-5 should be the same amount as the Shepherds)
  • Child Jesus* (can be a toddler, or young child.  If not available use a baby doll)

Download and use the three readings available here.