Nov. 29 Christmas Near and Far

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Stories for the the Rev. Nasel Ephraim

WEEK 1:  HOPE    (November 29)

Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. In this time of Advent, we expect and desire with anticipation the return of Jesus. As persons from the Caribbean Islands, as with other persons, during this time and especially in the COVID-19 crisis the feeling of expectation has brought us together even more, the expectation that “this too will pass.”

There is the need to socialize, to hug, to embrace, to sing and dance even more in these Covid lockdowns. Therefore, in the Advent season, we look forward with great expectation for the time when we can return to each other’s company. Return to the sounds of drums playing in the streets as they declare, Maranatha “Come Lord Jesus.” Music unites the Caribbean people and inspires hope and fosters togetherness. There are many ways to offer hope, we choose to offer hope through music. There is Hope resting in the arms of Jesus -- the one whose appearance we await.