Mini Advent Wreath

Mike RiessAdvent Wreath

Materials needed
  • white birthday candles (or color of your choice)
  • canning jar rings
  • tiny paper doily coasters
  • foil tart pan
  • glue
  • green play-doh
  • purple or blue ribbon
  • scissors
  • toothpicks

1. Cover the entire metal canning jar ring with green play-doh. This is the base of the wreath

2. Use the toothpicks to simulate the texture of evergreen needles in the play-doh. (Option: use artificial evergreen to cover the jar ring.)

3. Place four small white candles evenly around the ring and push them into the play-doh before it hardens.

4. Place the wreath on top of a paper doily or beverage coaster and place everything on an inverted foil tart pan.

5. Roll a small ball of play-doh to hold the Christ candle and place that in the center of the ring. Place a small Moravian frilled candle in the center of the ring.

6. Cut ribbon to tie around the outside of the foil pan.