Hanging of the Greens

Mike RiessOutdoor Opportunities

Since many of us will not be in our sanctuaries or church buildings for worship, consider bringing your decorations outdoors.  Decorate the area in front of your church in order to share the history, theology, and sacred understanding of these items. 

If you have the ability, add an item or two each week during Advent in order to mark the passing time and the anticipation of the season.  Place cards with the theological and historical explanations of these items in a location for community and congregation members to pick up.  Add a prayer to have people use this as a time of devotion around decorated area. 

If you are in a town or area where people travel past frequently, consider putting a Christmas tree outside with items for the community to take.  Items could be folded Moravian stars or other small ornaments and Christmons.  You could also hang gloves, mittens, scarves, and hats on the tree to be picked up by individuals who may need them.  Encourage your congregation members to get involved with the trees and decorations in order to make it a congregation project. 

Riverside Moravian Church in New Jersey developed cards like these to go with their decorations -- give it a try!