Dec. 8 Songs and Activities

Mike RiessFamily Resources

Who’s the baby?

 Who’s the baby
sleeping soundly
in his little
manger bed?  (Put your left thumb in the center of your open left palm for “Jesus”)

Why, it’s Jesus,
baby Jesus.
Shall we touch
his tiny head?  (Stroke your thumb with your right hand)

Gently, gently,
rock him gently;
as he sleeps
upon the hay.  (Rock your hand)

Softly, softly,
pat him softly;
born this happy
Christmas Day!  (Pat thumb and smile)


Here is Baby Jesus

Here is baby Jesus (show index finger)
Let’s put him to bed (lay index finger in palm of other hand with tip of index finger extending beyond palm)
And cover him up (close fingers over the index finger)
All but his head.

Little baby Jesus
grew and grew and grew.
And loved the whole wide world
just like he loves you and you and you!  (point to others in the room)