Dec. 5 Advent Family Devotions

Mike RiessFamily Resources

 2nd Week of Advent – PEACE 

Materials needed: a cozy blanket or comforter for each family member 

Last week, we learned that Advent is the season when we get our hearts ready to welcome the baby Jesus into our lives. Last week we focused on the HOPE of living with Jesus. This week we will think about the PEACE that comes from believing in Jesus.

Wrap-up in your blanket or comforter. Get comfortable and cozy and rest a moment in that coziness. Now have one family member read Luke 1:28-30 as the angel comes and tells Mary the she has been chosen by God to be the mother of his very, very special son:

 “The angel came to her and said, “Greetings! The Lord has blessed you and is with you.” But Mary was very confused by what the angel said. Mary wondered, “What does this mean?” The angel said to her, “Don’t be afraid, Mary, because God is pleased with you.” 

Mary was confused and scared, but the angel sort of told her “don’t be afraid, you got this!”

We all get scared sometimes. We get nervous and think we can’t do something that we are asked to do. Maybe it’s completing an assignment for school or work, maybe it’s playing or singing in a concert at school or speaking in a presentation. We all get nervous sometimes and think that we aren’t ready for what we are being asked to do.

In this story, Mary didn’t believe she could do what was being asked of her. But remember what the angel said? “Don’t be afraid, God is pleased with you.” The angel was telling Mary, “You and God have GOT this!”

Mary trusted God and said, “Ok” to what God was asking. We can be like Mary and trust God and we can be assured that he will carry us through whatever it is that we are nervous about.

So today, to help you remember: “Don’t be afraid, you and God have GOT this!” work together as a family to create your own special secret sign. This is just for your family. Make it something that can be seen and doesn’t require words. Then, when you have one of those “I’m not sure I can do this” moments, another person in your family can flash you the secret sign to remind you: “Don’t be afraid, for nothing will be impossible with God! You and God have GOT this!”

This special sign can bring you peace when you are feeling a little scared or nervous. Mary trusted God and received his peace and we can receive that same peace when we trust him like she did.

Gather together to pray:

Dear God, this second week of Advent, we remember Mary and the way she trusted you even though she was scared. Help us to trust you in everything we do, and always walk in your peace. We love you! In Jesus’ name, Amen.