Dec. 20 Stories from Near and Far

Mike RiessFamily Resources

Stories for the the Rev. Nasel Ephraim 

Week 4:  LOVE     (December 20)


He sent his Son; He gave His Son so that we could be.  If that isn’t the ultimate example of love shown by a father, then I (we) don’t know what love is.  It is this example that is followed by us, the Caribbean people. 

As we await the celebration of that first coming and look forward to His second coming, love and charity is poured out in a way that is astounding.  Gifts, whether tangible or monetary are given freely, without much of a fuss.  The warmth of human interaction and attention is given to those in Health Care Facilities, Children’s Homes, District Hospitals, Mental Institutions, and to whomever and wherever would accept, through simple acts of kindness -- braiding hair, pedicures and manicures, small dramatic presentations, just to mention a few.

It’s always a thought that crosses my mind, why can’t we live this loving and charitable way 24/7?  The Love that is shown around this season, around a time of expectance is a love that should forever permeate the hearts of men and women, boys and girls everywhere.  The “advent love” should be a forever love!