Dec. 11 Crafts

Mike RiessFamily Resources

Graham Cracker Nativity

Materials needed: 

  • 1 pound butter box (tape the open end of the box and cut in half - this will give you two boxes);
  • sturdy paper plate
  • frosting
  • graham crackers
  • pretzels
  • coconut
  • animal crackers
  • cut-out star cookie 
  • E.L Fudge cookies or cut-out people cookies.


  • Dye the coconut yellow by shaking yellow food coloring and the coconut in a resealable plastic bag until the coconut is entirely covered then pour onto flat surface to dry
  • Frost all five sides of each box, and “glue” the box to the plate with frosting. Keep the open end facing forward.  Attach graham crackers to the frosted sides.
  • Add animal crackers to the inside and outside of the box nd a star on top, using fronting as your glue
  • Build a manger with a glob of frosting, pretzels, and yellow coconut
  • Add Mary and Joseph beside the manger using frosting as your glue


Peace Dove

Doves are a Christian sign of peace.  Make doves and send them to family and friends who may be experiencing stress and / or write the name of someone you feel needs peace and hang the doves in your home encouraging family members to pray for that individual.

Materials needed: 

  • flat bottom coffee filters
  • pencil
  • scissors


  • Copy the template (download it here)
  • Fold 2 or 3 coffee filters in half
  • Place the dove pattern on the coffee filter so the belly of the dove is on the crease of the fold
  • Trace the pattern
  • Cut out the doves and separate

The doves can also be taped to string and hung as a decoration.