Dec. 1 Songs and Activities

Mike RiessFamily Resources

Sing to tune of “London Bridge”

God loved us,   (on word God, point up - on “loved us” point to self)
and sent His Son,   (on “sent his son” rock hands like rocking a baby)
sent His Son,
sent His Son.
God loved us,
and sent His Son --
the Lord Jesus! (sing this loudly!)


See the Baby Jesus

 See the baby Jesus, born in a barn  (bring fingertips of both hands to form a roof peak)

See the baby Jesus, held in Mary’s arms  (cradle arms)

See the baby Jesus, star high overhead  (extend arms and make fingers “blink”)

See the baby Jesus, manger for a bed  (palms of hands together; lay cheek on hands)


Advent in 2 minutes