Advent Paper Chain

Mike RiessAdvent Wreath

  • Cut two-inch wide strips of purple paper - one for each day of the chain.  On the back of each strip, write one of these messages:
1.  This is the way Jesus Christ was born.
2.  The Angel said: “Mary, don’t be afraid, for you’ll have a baby.”
3.  “His name will be called Jesus, which means savior.”
4.  Mary said: “My heart praises the Lord.”
5.  God is always saving the people.
6.  God puts down the mighty from their thrones.
7.  God lifts up those who feel unimportant.
8.  God fills the hungry with good things.
9.  God sends the rich away with empty hands.
10.  God gives light to those in darkness.
11.  God guides our feet into the path of peace.
12.  The time came for Mary to have her baby.
13.  She wrapped him in cloths and put him in a manger.
14.  There were shepherds in that part of the country, and an angel appeared to them. 
15.  They were very frightened.
16.  But the angel said to them “Don’t be afraid.  I am here with good news!”
17.  “This very night your Savior was born: Jesus the Lord.”
18.  Suddenly a lot of angels appeared, singing praises.
19.  Glory to God in the highest.
20.  Peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased.
21.  The shepherds said: “Let’s go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened.”
22.  They hurried and found Mary, Joseph, and the baby.
23.  The Shepherds went back singing praises to God for what they had heard.
24.  The child grew and became strong.  He was full of wisdom and God’s blessings were                         with him
25.  Peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased.  
  • Tape the paper links together to make a chain and read one each day of Advent.