Advent Paper Candle Wreath

Mike RiessAdvent Wreath, News

(Companion to Readings for Candle Lighting # 5)

Materials needed:
  • Pattern available for purchase from Illustrated Ministry
  • Advent Wreath circle (may copy onto cardstock or glue onto sturdy paper plate as candles will be glued here each week)
  • Paper printouts of the candles
  • scissors
  • tape or glue stick
  • coloring pencils/crayons/markers

1. Color and cut out the candles (do not cut off the bottom the candle as that will be used to affix the candle to the wreath)

2. Roll and glue the colored papers into a candle shape so the left side of the candle reaches over to the dotted line that has been left uncolored.

3. Each week, take the glued candle and fold the tabs outward or inward (your choice) and glue those tabs to the appropriate advent wreath circle.

Readings to accompany this Advent wreath can be found under the heading
Readings for Lighting the Advent Candles” - Option 5: Paper Candle Wreath