Advent “Calendar” Wreath

Mike RiessAdvent Wreath

Materials needed:
  • green poster board
  • red bow
  • approximately 18 green poster board holly shaped leaves
  • glue stick
  • 25 rectangles cut from colored wrapping paper
  • copy of the “Advent Wreath Messages (download),” cut up
  • thin red ribbon
  • blank small stickers, that you should number 1-25


1. Cut a 12 ½ inch circle from green poster board

2. Punch two holes near bottom of circle -- feed a red bow through those holes and tie in the back

3. Cut approximately 18 holly shaped leaves from green poster board and glue holly leaves around the circle -- extending the top of the leaves approximately 1- 1 ½” beyond the circle outer edge

4. Cut 25 colored Christmas wrapping paper rectangles - 4 x 6 inches

5. Cut up the individual numbered “Advent Wreath Messages” and glue them in the middle of the wrapping paper

6. Roll up the wrapping paper and tie with the thin ribbon

7. Place a small sticker, numbered to match the number of the message on the inside of the wrapping paper

8. Glue the rolled papers randomly around the circle wreath - not in numerical order, but randomly - with the ribbon facing out

9. Beginning on December 1, untie (do not remove) the appropriately numbered paper (leaving each open paper on the wreath) and read and do what the message says. Repeat each day until December 25

10. On December 25, open the final paper, and read the assigned scripture passage together as a family